Anita Davis – Blogger

Life of a Blogger

My name is Anita Davis and I am a blogger. has been my personal website since 2002. As a lover of technology, and I have been blessed to be able to share this joy with countless people for over 20 years. While I’m not certified in any particular discipline, I simply love the field and spend time studying and doing the things I like. Nice way to live! Blogging has always been a bit of fun for me. Also, in my own time, I love to help people to understand processes and programs. Informally I am a trainer and evangelist for the digital world. So you see, after I am done with my “regular” work, I don’t go into sleep mode; I stay perpetually “ON” and my entire life has become my “dream job”.

My Meandering Career

Since I’ve have always used the same skills wherever I worked, just tailored to where I was. Through newsletters and email blasts I was basically a blogger for hire doing work for hire.

While I have participated in numerous diverse industries, including radio broadcasting, retail, magazine writing, media sales, marketing, Internet technical support, luxury vacation rentals, and information technology management, it turns out that managing a Public Computer Center became the fulcrum on which my entire perspective turns. For it was there that I could literally combine all that I have learned to provide the greatest level of care and guidance to everyone who visited.

I found that laying the groundwork for the learning was more important than anticipated outcomes and it suddenly occurred to me that this applies to everything. Any goal you seek, any desire you have, is dependent upon the soil in which you plant your seeds.

You could go ahead and plant in an inhospitable place and perhaps you will receive a crop. Wouldn’t it be JOYFUL to cultivate the perfect spot, so that your progress feels almost effortless?

Always Expect the Best

We all have things we want and have not yet achieved or met. They exist for me, to be sure. They always will, if I am living my life right. But I have decided that my journey will be along the path of no resistance as much as possible. Once I decided this, fruitful things just began to roll onto my path, or perhaps were are carried in the words of a song. Or, someone placed me into a fruitful (even perhaps scary) situation. And I kept moving forward, finding my balance, expecting the best.

I have come to see this as Curating my Joy. I hope to do this with my writing, and with my sharing from now on. And I have decided to share all of this with you. Thank you for visiting!