Curate Your Joy!

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Curators are people who assemble collections for themselves or others to enjoy. Exceptional curators are always in demand because they do more than throw like things together with no thought of arrangement, presentation, or the gradual unfolding of wonders.

Exceptional curators seem to have an instinctive knack for sniffing out just the right items, always on the alert for the scent of a rare find. They see things that others miss. Their sense of enthusiasm with the process is what draws them forward, even when many would have given up.

Imagine what could happen if we took the time to curate things that bring us joy! We should seek out joy as though we are shopping for a home or car, or romantic partner. We have to look for the elements of life as though they may last our whole lives – because even as joys come and go, they always take up just a little space within us.

Even when things are bleak, it is possible to find joy, even if it is in the fact that you drew one more breath. When you learn to curate your joy, you set yourself up for a live that seems to be close to perfection to others looking on. But of course it’s not perfect. It’s just much more pleasant for you.

In the midst of it all, both joy and pain remain available. Which do you choose as your focus?

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