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This summer I became part of the 17th cohort of GovLoop.com contributors. As a contributor, I am privileged to submit my ideas for publication each Friday through October of 2018. As an aspirant, I submitted my resume, blog ideas and a writing sample.

My GovLoop education in writing for machines and humans

The experience of writing for GovLoop is very educational for me. Like most bloggers, I write for simple pleasure. As a GovLoop contributor, I am tasked first with presenting articles that meet certain standards of style and readability. Secondly, I am required to write for favorable Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Working to create good SEO helps your information be found more easily online, but it also keeps your goal of relevance to the main point in focus. And most importantly, my article must appeal to human beings. It is quite a dance.

My writing journey started long ago

I always loved reading and writing as a youngster, and the library was my favorite place to be. My very first writing experience came about through the recommendation of a my friend, the late Robert Leon “Bob” Wilmer. He was a managing editor of a magazine called Caribia Digest. His partner was the (late) Rudolph “Rudy” Parker, who was an entrepreneur and music publisher.

Caribia Digest magazine saw only two issues and it is now archived online. I really learned a lot under his guidance. After the magazine, I was asked to contribute to the Creative Loafing section of the local Island Trader for publisher Donna Marquardt (now Pagano).

In an effort to preserve it, I placed Caribia Digest magazine online through OnePaper, and eventually it got its own domain, CaribiaDigest.com. In the meantime, I was invited by then-publisher Shaun Pennington to write for the VI Source. I did this for a number of years. I was so proud to see my very first Source article online.

No longer alone in the creative process!

Since then, I have written countless press releases, letters to the editor, blogs, and social media posts. However, I was always all alone during the creative process. The difference now is the presence of the staff at GovLoop. The editorial team has been very supportive and accessible for help along the way. It is quite like an intense writing class where the world gets to view your assignments as they are turned in. The difference is that you have the resources and the one on one help to ensure an A+ experience and passing grade every time!

GovLoop.com is powered by public sector professionals. However, it offers great insights into career, service delivery and technological advancements.  Visit GovLoop.com or bookmark and visit my GovLoop blog page for all articles as they are filed.

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