Immigration: My ancestors did it “legally”

Assuming you are not descended from enslaved Africans or survivors of the genocide of the natives, when most of your ancestors were coming into the united states the requirements were not as stringent. If you trace back before the late 1880’s immigration was quite lax and dependent on the mood and needs of the nation.

Bear in mind, if the people’s minds could be turned against you as with the Chinese Exclusion Act, the isolationism before the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor (before which we had sent Jews back to Nazi Germany) or the so-called #muslimban (no one seems to want credit for it any longer… go figure) you were sent back. Or deported.

I keep hearing people talk about their ancestors getting in fair and square, but that always depended on the feeling of the nation and how its leadership steered it. In other words… it was just dumb luck.

Please recognize that your ancestors were blessed to have attempted to come into the united states of America at any given window of time. Your ancestors were no better, worthy, honest or capable than anyone else in this nation’s history. Give thanks.

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