#Genocide and #ForcedSeparation of Native children from parents created this confusion. The president makes fun of it.

Navajo Code Talkers honored

(Image/AP: President Trump used “Pocahontas” slur at ceremony for heroic Navajo Code Talkers. During WWII, Navajo language provided codes the enemy could not break, securing allied positions and saving many lives. Mihio Manus, vice president of the Navajo Nation: “we’re very appreciative of President Trump honoring the code talkers,” but he felt Trump’s comments about Warren were inappropriate.)

Regarding Senator Elizabeth Warren: I was also told such stories growing up and it turned out I am only 2 percent Native according to a DNA test. Native American children were systematically separated from their families, sometimes permanently and had their language and ways beaten out of them. The Nations do not rely on such tests, but on documented records, for the … uh, record.

Ironically, the forced separation of children from parents and the lack of genealogical records as people were treated as chattel, has led to a lot of lore as to the origins of scores of Blacks and other people of mixed ancestry here and I am sure in other parts of the world. So, the president of the United States of America sees fit to laugh about the result of these intentional genocidal movements.

We need to recognize the result of this legacy of brutality and attempts to remove people from their culture and way of life. How can no one understand that this would one day lead to people like Sen. Warren being confused over her own ancestry? Am I the only one who can see this?

She thought that taking the bully on would be the answer, but it really never is. You must find a way to go about your business with dignity, and maneuver within such situations. But, I don’t believe that this should be held against her. While she appears to have modified her information once she’d secured a position or matriculation, she never used it to get into any institution or employment opportunity as a minority.

Even if she did… it’s what she’d been told all of her life, just like me. I have chosen that once or twice before settling on Black of my own volition. But I did believe the stories I heard from family.

We cannot make the president stop this nonsense, but we as thinking human beings need to get a grip and let this stupidity go. Why are we allowing that man to determine whether her accomplishments are valid based on her understandable confusion of her ancestry? It is silly, and so many people are falling for it.

Senator Warren, put it down and get on with your campaign. If someone asks the question, tell them you are happy to announce it has been settled and move on to your platform.

All the rest of you: Think.

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