Eda’s Climb to the Top Impresses

pole dancer eda on youtube

There is a mystery in a person who simply does what makes joy without a care for how the world receives it. When you stumble across such creation in progress, it is best to simply savor it without trying to pluck it from where it grows. Such is a peek into the world of Eda’s Climb to the Top on YouTube, home to Eda, a pole dancer and vLogger who does what she does well and lets the petals fall where they may.

Lest you forget, she’s also a businesswoman and brand ambassador. Calling attention to her physical attributes sort of lends itself to placing undue attention to them. But, it is what makes her stand out in a world of people who would first find fault with what she is doing because of the tendency we have to separate people from their desires by classifying them. She’s strong and able. I like that.

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