Seek and You Shall Find

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What are you looking for? It’s right in front of you. All that you are, is a result of your seeking. Sometimes we say we are dissatisfied with what is in front of us without realizing this.

Pain lets us know what to move away from, but as you are moving away, what are you looking at? Are you staring transfixed behind you at the monster, or are you focused on the way to safety ahead?

Take some time to think about what you are focused on to know where you are headed.

So, you are thinking, if I want another result I need to have another focus. How do I do that? Well, you can focus on anything you want. You may need to start and stop for a long time until you get it right, but it is possible to change what you focus on.

On that day when you can consciously steer you focus towards what you desire, you will be that much closer to joy.

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