What You See is What You Get

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When the late comedian Clerow “Flip” Wilson Jr. (1933-1998) donned the garb of his alter ego Geraldine Jones, he became  an unapologetic truth speaker. Geraldine went where she wanted, did what she wanted, and lived as she wanted. 

Geraldine was a free spirit whose “What you see is what you get” became a household catch phrase. What Geraldine meant to do was to dissuade anyone from trying to fit her into any slots or pigeon holes while hinting of just how fabulous she would be if you could get over the fact that she was not about to change.

There’s a little bit of Geraldine Jones in all of us. We want to be accepted as we are. But unlike Geraldine, many of us try to mold and stifle ourselves in order to be accepted. If this is you, perhaps just once, you might want to try accepting yourself. We only think about “what others say” when we are concerned about it ourselves.

Stop being concerned about what you should be, and relax into enjoying who you are. What YOU see is what you get, and there has never been anything wrong with it at all.

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