Why Strong4Me?

Why Caring First for Self is So Important…

Strong4Me.com is about caring for self first. It sounds selfish, doesn’t it? Strong for ME. Well, it is. It’s supposed to be. For all the ability, all the strength, all the power you may have, if you cannot support your own self, it is all nothing.

You must look after, look to and look for yourself first. Fill yourself to satisfaction in spirit. Rest, eat well, tend to your body, tend to your finances… so that you have much more to offer.

We live in a world of people who depend on each other for support, guidance and expertise. Whether they are loved ones or clients, it won’t do for them to trek the desert of their own needs, and arrive, parched, at your well… only to find it not only bone dry, but surrounded by thorns, stinging insects and little shade.

Some oasis. We’ve all been there, when we counted on someone and it really mattered. We may think we were being rejected or mistreated, but we simply had encountered someone who was empty and had nothing to give.

If you want to be of joyful service, start by being strong 4 you.